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What we do
With the squadron or the ATC, their are many course, activities, expedition and camp going on all year round. This area will give you an insight to what is out there for you to do. For more information and what you can do with the ATC visit www.raf.mod.uk/aircadets/whatwedo. To find out what we have been doing recently check out our facebook page www.facebook.com\2502AirCadets

These are broken down into four sections, click the section to find out what we do!




Throughout the year, cadets get the opportunity to fly in the RAF's Grob Tutor. The cadets get the chance to have "hands on" experience from the first flight. Cadets normally get to experience how the controls work on their first flight and if they want to move on to aerobatics or circuits. The Squadron flys from RAF Cranwell (Lincolnshire) once every three months taking 12 cadets each time. 7 Air Experience Flying (7AEF) Squadron is situated at RAF Cranwell and conducts all the flying for the squadron.


Like with flying the squadron is give a number of places at the gliding squadron situated at RAF Syerston (Nottinghamshire). The cadet gets to take control of the glider from first flight, learning how to fly or glide the aircraft safely. Once cadets are 16 and show the aptitude for gliding they can apply for a Gliding Scholarship. If accepted the cadet is allocated up to 10 hours tuition over an number of weekends and trained to take the aircraft Solo for a circuit of the airfield.

Flying Training in Squadron Simulators

The squadron has 9 flight simulators on the squadron. Eight are a single seater used to train the basics of flying and air navigation. The other is set up as a Boeing 737 800 series cockpit. This is used to teach the more advance flying skills and instrument flying, as well as flight planning. The squadron runs many courses on the simulators. So fancied planning a flight from the UK to Cyprus and then flying it in real time and weather. Well here is your chance.

Target Shooting

The squadron takes part in a number of shooting competitions through-out the year. Cadets are trained to shoot the L144A1 Rifle. When the cadets is 15 they can move on to firing the L98 A2 cadet general purpose rifle. With all shooting activities the cadets are supervised and trained to fire at targets. Cadets can gain a number of marksmanship badges if they are good enough.


The squadron has sporting events like Hockey, Netball, rugby Football, Athletics, Cross country and swimming throughout the year. You can compete at squadron, wing, region or Corps (National) level.


The squadron attend many formal parades throughout the year including, Armed Forces Day in Leicester City Centre, Remembrance Sunday in Evington Village, Battle Of Britain parade in Melton Mowbray and other civic duties in the city.

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Fieldcraft Training

We do a lot of camouflage and concealment training and exercises. Being at Hamilton Community college we can use the school grounds to hone our Fieldcraft skills and have a number of night exercises. We have an annual camp to John's Lee Wood near Easter each year to train new recruits if Fieldcraft. Expect to get very muddy and wet!

Adventure Training

A number of Adventure Training camps are available to cadets in the year. On these camps you can expect to do a number of adventurous activities including archery, climbing, leadership training, confidence courses, high ropes, walking, orienteering, sailing and much much more!

Easter/Summer/Autumn to an RAF Station

On these camps you get to live and eat on an RAF station in the UK or Overseas for a week. During the week you will get to see the station and how it all operates, see the aircraft and various sections on the base. It gives you a great insight into life in the RAF and if you have a interest in an area such as Air Traffic Control. On top of that you get flying and go shooting while at camp as well as meeting new friends.

Overseas Camps

They squadron has many opportunities to travel overseas with cadets, with camp in Gibraltar, Germany and Cyprus. These camp give the opportunity for cadets to experience service life in foreign climates and the challenges they face, it can be a hard life living in these sunny climates.

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Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

The Squadron is running the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. If you have started or not, what you do with the squadron can count towards Bronze, Silver or Gold Level. For more information visit the DofE website www.dofe.org

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2502 Squadron ATC
2502 Squadron ATC
2502 Squadron ATC
2502 Squadron ATC
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